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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kimi wa Petto (2003)

Country: Japan
Genre: romance, comedy
Format: drama 10 episodes
Cast: Matsumoto Jun, Koyuki, Tanabe Seichi, Suzuki Sarina, Sakai Wakana, Eita, Ishihara Satomi, Mitsushi Ken, Magii, Satou Ryuta, 
Synopsis: Iwaya Sumire is successful in almost everything - she is beautiful, high income, she is Tokyo University graduate, but men tend to see her as too perfect, cool and emotionless, which make them feel inferior. Most of the time she goes home alone and depressed. One night she finds a young man in a box in front of her apartment. He reminds her dog Momo she used to have when she was a child, so she makes an agreement with him - He may stay with her in that apartment if he becomes her pet Momo.
Rating: 5/5
Best way to start new year is with great funny must-see drama. It is made after same-named manga.
Iwaya Sumire really has no emotions in her face and I have always thought what kind of normal woman would take a totally stranger who is beaten up to her apartment?? Even if it is Matsumoto Jun, it is most unreasonable thing to do, especially by highly educated woman. Most of the time she is called "Elite" and it gets on the nerves so much, because it is the only thing others tell her - I would not have that much nerves to put up with it. But no matter what others say, Sumire has a really low self-esteem. Whenever she is with Hasumi, she is nervous and shy. I understand that she wants to be perfect for him, but doesn't being in love mean being able to show your real self to the one you love?

Maybe it is just my way of thinking that people must love others like they really are and no-one should change herself/himself for being the "perfect" one. Like Sumire said it is soo tiring to be on dates and stuff with him.. maybe she is actually in love it the memory of old Hasumi - it has happened to me too. A great part of Sumire is her relationship with Momo. I soooooo adored when they had their "pet-owner time". I do not understand how she was able to loosen up with him, but I think that she really saw her old dog in him, except that new one spoke human language. But for a woman, who has not cried for 15 years, she sure cries a lot. I loved that she established the rules from the start.
Cute-cute-cute-hot Momo *dreaming* was using everyone! Matsumoto Jun made an incredible work as Momo, but he still must impress me in "Hanayori dango" because I am not a big fan of his looks there. I loved Momo's attitude - he was rude, selfish, had too physically familiar acting and had zero dignity or pride. Matsumoto Jun (I so want to write Matsujun all the time) astonished me with his dancing skills - I do not know if he did all the ballet jumps himself, but I know that being a Johnny helped him a lot in this drama, but I still do not fancy contemporary dance. As most of you know then Momo's real name was Goda Takeshi and he was 20 years old.. well in reality Matsumoto Jun was 20 too during the time of filming it. So a great respect to him for making that kind of drama while being so young.
Every time I saw the hug-scenes I got cuteness overload! I would totally like to have a pet like him.. but I am afraid that I would be the one who wants to ruin the rules at first.Why I liked him even more, is that he decided to walk his own road, not what his parents wanted. I hate when parents want their children to make parents dreams come true - my friend had to go to piano lessons for 7 years, because her mother insisted her to learn it - now she has not touched the piano for a year, because she feels disguised by it. Just because parents have lost the opportunity, does not mean the children must do it then! Beside, how is it possible to lose an opportunity - as long as you live or have not had an extreme accident everything is possible! got off the topic again... Matsumoto Jun is one hell of a great kisser...
Hasumi.. he is not that hot and he definitely wants too much too soon. I did not like the fact that he actually should have made himself clear with Fukushima, but he always left her hanging, but at the same time, it was the reasonable for the end, but as a "wanted to be engaged with another women", his acts were wrong. My sister was right about him - she told from the start that he seems too fake. He was the only character who actually got on my nerves.
Fukushima had just an annoying voice - I do not know if Asian men really find it cute, but I find it only very fake, childish and annoying. But Sakai Wakana was cute in it, but I enjoyed her more in "Waraeru koi wa shitakunai". Maybe I just do not like women like Fukushima was.
Before watching it, I had no idea that Eita acts in it too! I still like his ears and he looks sooo young, sadly he does not have dance scenes, even though he plays a dancer role. Rumi was just a bitch who could not move on. I hate when girls "jokingly" break up with guy and wait for him to love them even more. It is sooo wrong and sick! I liked that she was able to grow up a little bit in the end.  Haha.. Shizumu - Takeshi's mom servant... I soo thought he was gay!! until I found out that he was in love with Takeshi's mom.. but Shizumu and Sumire's landlord were soooo weird together. They were similar and weird..  A big role in the drama has Yuri  - Sumire's only friend. She was the only one Sumire ever trusted. I liked that she was very loyal, but at the same time she was able to tell the truth right at Sumire's face.
But the real pearl in this drama was the cute-cafe-girl. She just kind of made all the drama more reasonable and she really was the smartest of all of the characters. I liked that even though she did not have much screen-time, she was very understandable character. I love when it happens in dramas that some very minor character is over others. Beside, the doctor always told a smart talk which always made sense - I would like to have psychologist like he.. - what?? why should I have a psychologist anyway???
This drama explains much about owner-pet relationship and how important pets are - mostly dogs, but some things about cats too. well.. I am more of a cat person, because my parents dogs drive me insane. It is definitely funny and lovable drama to watch. They do not have much style in it, because it is rather an old drama, but try to cope with it. Btw. It was so interesting that it took me only two days to finish it - I would have watched it all in a row too, but I am too afraid of finishing like one Taiwanese woman, who almost lost her eyesight because of watching too much dramas.
Amazing kiss-scenes, cute moments and interesting views on relationship. This drama is absolute classic and needs to be seen by everyone.

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