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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Friendship (2008)

Country: Thai
Genre: romance, human, friends
Format: movie
Cast: Mario Maurer, Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, Jetrin Wattanasin, Chalermpon Thikumporn Teerawong, Kanawat Chantaralawan,
Synopsis: Singha receives a call from a high school friend who is organizing a high school reunion for their class. This makes Singha reminisce of his first and only love Mituna, whom he met during his last year of high school.
Rating: 3/5
Really beautiful story of two people, who just do not find their place and time. It kind of a shows high school life and how people say/do unwanted things. It shows their school time in 1980-s and their grown-up life nowadays.
I can tell more about Singha, because the whole movie is from his point of view, because it is all his memories. Singha and his friends are such jerks - Singha is like the gang's "pretty-hot-guy" who gets girls. Like it is said in the movie "Girl-picking maniacs". They are not so-called "bad-boys" in heart, but they just have big egos. They smoke weed, drink alcohol, watch porn, do nasty things, because they are teenage boys, who want to try these things (part of growing up?? I say that you may do everything, but stay away from weed and other narcotics). I certainly think that bordell is not a place to lose one's virginity, but having way-too-much "red light streets" is sadly normal in Thai. I liked that Singha and Lam chose male-bonding instead of prostitutes. It was like "Real men do not need prostitutes" (It is true too). But about Singha more - he discovers that being a jerk will not work out with Mituna and he must become the "good understandable and caring aka his true-self" to make her notice him.
After that he is like most incredible guy ever! Where are all the guys like him??! He fells in love with Mituna soon and he is like a lost puppy - sooo cute!! Mario Maurer is born to do this kind of love-movies, great acting in every situation, beside it was only his second role! Grown-up Singha is amazing too - he is a TV producer and he draws well. Jetrin Wattanasin looks hot =P
Mituna stays a little bit mysterious person - she does not speak much, which is actually understandable if you know the reason, but they leave Mituna in the "stranger" role - it makes you feel like, she was new kid in the school and even though they all became friends, in the end others still did not know much about her. The joke about their names was that Mituna means "June" and Singha is "Autumn", on the first day of school teacher jokes that "they are only missing July" and Singha shouts that "No! July is /Mituna's/ June's and Autumn's /Singha's/ child!" - just a little word-play. From the other characters I liked Lam - even though he had the most connections with underground things.
A minus of the movie is that it has too many pointless scenes, that make no sense in it and with some characters it is impossible to grow from this to that - for example Jazz charcater will never ever look like that when she grows up - from tall, some meat on bones and feminine face you cannot have short woman with a bit macho face.. 
At one moment I thought that I had made a mistake with the movie as it was more like horror-movie XD Nice thing to see after watching real horror-movies XD
Movie has beautiful story of ever-lasting love. It is sad, but it shows the real life - everything might happen in reality too. It was sad enough to cry, but for a long time I did not cry while watching drama, but my friend, who usually doesn't, cried like a baby beside me. Guess it depends on your own character.

SPOILER-review:  In reality they just missed each other on that day with about 15-30 minutes. For those who did not understand the situation then Kong and his friends went after Mituna and raped her. Because they were usual prostitute users, Mituna got AIDS and died because of it. So sad when you now remember that Singha was just 15 to 30 minutes late...


  1. i really like it promise....

  2. Thanks for the review! Not many review like this (good and in English) could I find on the internet these days. Do you happen to know any inside story? Any connection between the movie and what happened in real life to the director or the writer? Would definitely appreciate to know one!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and sorry for not answering sooner! Unfortunately, I do not know the background either if there is any connection to director or writer :/ It would be surely interesting to hear.