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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Uzumaki (2001)

Also known as: Spiral, Vortex, Out of this world
Country: Japan
Genre: horror, psycho,
Format: movie
Cast: Hatsune Eriko, Fan Fhi, Saeki Hinako, Shin Eun Kyung, Takahashi Keiko, Osugi Ren, Abe Sadao,
Synopsis: Kirie lives in a small town and is a normal high school student. One day she sees her best friend's (almost boyfriend) dad filming snail, she thinks that he did not notice her and does not think about it anymore. Later Shuichi tells her that his father has lately started to act weirder and weirder just like he would have been summoned by the vortex. His dad ends his life with suicide and one by one people in town get obsessed with spirals - some of them turn into snails, some's hair become Medusa-like and many many die... 
It is the most horrible horror-movie ever - it is not horrifying at all. Easily said, it sucks in every way. To me, most of the people in this movie seemed crazy lunatics already before they where obsessed by the vortex. Most of the movie was just disturbing and sick, but definitely not scary-
As they do not explain any character nor their actions, I really cannot analyse them. Kirie seemed just weird, naive girl, who did not have any sensible thinking. Shuichi was veeery weird and I was 100% sure that he was the one who messed up this town, but I had to disappoint. I really liked Sekino, because she at least had a reason in her actions and I am a big fan of her Medusa-hair, but that was it. The only normal character in it was the detective, who was rather smart, but sadly you do not get to know what he discovered. Weird thing is that he smoked a cigarette, which he did not light - does anyone smoke like that?? or maybe they did not have fake-smokes, which are now mainly used in film industry now and the actor refused to smoke real cigarette and ruin his health for a movie role like this.
The reason why it mostly is not scary, is that it is too unrealistic! The most horrifying scene for me was the pommel horse, that is a gymnastic apparatus - widely used in school PE classes - at least in East-Europe, Russia and Asia. For me it is a nightmare, because I have baaaaad memories with it. For my friend, most horrifying was Japanese giant centipede, because she does not adore crawling bugs. If you expect anything more scary than this, then you are going to be very-very disappointed,
Only great thing about the movie was that it had a great ending theme =P But it is understandable, because it is Do As Infinty's song "Raven". Watch their music video and you see most of the scenes of the movie, so just watch this instead of the movie, because most of the time I just yawned. With this movie, I certainly do not recommend it to anyone! True horror-friends will hate it and I am not sure if wanting-to-see-some-fail-"horror movie"-to-laugh will help you.
Movie is made after Junji Ito same named manga, but they (FORTUNATELY) have different endings as the manga was on-going while the movie was filmed.
OH MY GYOZA!!! There is a vortex in my juice-glass! On my book tooo!! My friend's fingertips!!!!(I have weird fingertips, there are no spirals in my fingerprints) I AM GOING TO BE OBSESSED BY THE VORTEX!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... -.- yeah, it just sucks. If it were to be able to give any other rating, it would be -10, like the degree outside -.-

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