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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Runway Beat (2011)

Country: Japan
Genre: fashion, friendship, school
Format: movie
Cast: Seto Koji, Sakuraba Nanami, Kiritani Mirei, Tanaka Kei, IMALU, Michiko Kichise, Murakami Rikako, Tanabe Seiji, Kaji Masaki, Mizuno Erina 
Synopsis: While visiting her mother at hospital Mei meets a boy named Mizorogi Biito aka Beat who also has just transferred to her class and whom she quickly befriends with. Their class decides to throw a fashion show for the school's annual festival as they have in their class top model Miki and Beat, who has sewing and fashion in his blood. With big goals before their eyes they soon learn the truth about love, making dreams come true and grown-up's dirty games.
Rating: 3/5
Nowadays youngster's movie - many have compared it too American "Glee" series (even the director), but I did not see the similarity between them. May be it was that the whole class bonded and decided to make things as they want. Or may be I have not watched enough "Glee" - stopped watching it after they all started to date each other and tv-channel changed the airing time..
Seto Koji, cute as pie, plays the cool, unique guy, who has fashion design in his blood =D His grandfather taught him to sew with machine before he was going to school and his dad is a famous designer. At first he does not want to become designer as he tells that "people are more important than clothes". Beside the fact that his designs are incredible, he has amazing personality of being out-going, friendly and knowing what others want. I do not know why he likes skirts so much - it is a bit toooo much men wearing skirts, but may be they want to start a new trend (except for Johnnys - they have worn skirts on concerts since they started) He really loved stars too.
I liked his designs for girls more and I seriously want to have these dresses into my closet! (but I even do not know the real-life designer of those). Easily said, he and his dad are not on the best relationship - Beat blames him in insensitivity, because he was not there when Beat's mom passed away - and dad does not appreciate his skills. I must say that I did not recognise Tanabe Seji - his hair looks awful! Beat wore many times awesome T-shirt - it had on catch-words "Dependence, Faith, Worship, Determination, Resistance, Hope, Nature, Wanderlust, Humility, Visibility, Organisation, Light" - these are words that I think should be in everyones lives.
Mei is the narrator of the story, which tries to say "People, who believe, can change!". Mei falls in love with Beat from the first sight, but she is soooo friendzoned form the same moment. At least, she is the person who spends the most time with Beat in order to make the fashion show work. She is not so out-going and is a little bit indecisive. I loved a sentence "Rather than denying your feelings, I suggest a good cry" - this is something I am not able to do - I cannot cry when I get hurt in love - otherwise you know me - crying in every drama.  Sakuraba Nanami seems to be a great actress, so I put some hope in seeing her more in the future, since she is so young.
Kirira is the girl in hospital. I hope it is not a spoiler to say that she has leukemia. She is the closest friend of Beat - they have been friends from kindergarden. I do not know if they actually met there or not, but the point is that from that kind of time. I hoped more from her story, but they only concentrated on Beat, fashion show and Mei. I really did not understand if he loved her or not, so it was a negative thing, but I would like to think he did not do it out of pity.
Wanda is played by Tanaka Kei. He actually was my favourite character, but that for personal interest as he is interested in architecture and so am I. His changing was very impressive and he turned into amazing ikemen. It is totally wrong that people say "Looks do not matter, what is important is who you are inside!" - looks is a way to reflect your personality and if you are happy with how you look, you are happier and more self-confident! Like you can see from Wanda's change - every person can be the most handsome in the world!
Kiritani Mirei - name which I tried to recall all movie long - was Miki - famous model in the class. At many times she was a bitch, but she had a great heart. Like in all youth-movies - her mom was her manager who did not care much about her opinion.
It is amazing that almost everyone in this class can sew! Even some girls in my class cannot sew! and I think it is one of the basic things for a woman to know how to do. Sorry if I insult someone - I know that not everyone has the ability to sew and it is okey not to sew, but for both women and men it is one useful ability.
Before watching it I had hard time with movie's name - even though I knew it was "Runway Beat" and I know clearly the difference between "runway" and "runaway", I tended to write the last one -.- Isn't it easier to pronounce "runaway" than "runway"? Well, they make fun of it in the movie too. 
As I said before, there is not much plot and no clear main idea - it is just a good movie to pass time.

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