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Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Boss, My Hero (2006)

Country: Japan
Genre: School, romance, friendship, yakuza
Format: drama 10 episodes
Cast: Nagase Tomoya, Tegoshi Yuya, Tanaka Koki, Aragaki Yui, Murakawa Eri, Osugi Ren, Kikawada Masaya, Ichimura Masachika,  ( a minor role from Naka Riisa)
Synopsis: Sakaki Makio is 27, dropped out of high school and becoming a successor of his father - yakuza boss. But before he gets a boss-position, his father forces him to go back to high school and graduate, otherwise the position goes to Makio´s little intelligent brother.  In school Makio cannot reveal his true background and must play a role of 17-year-old guy.
Rating: 2/5
The best part was "Sakura-nantoka" (In English it should be something like "Sakura-something") - yeah, actually Sakurakoji (played by Tegoshi Yuya) is not a hard name to remember XD Nagase Tomoya acting was great too - in some way he totally bulled off high school student role, but he as yakuza was over the top. It is weird that Nagase Tomoya´s appearance and singing voice are so different - The Theme song is "Sorafune" by TOKIO, Nagase is the lead singer of the band.
Makio´s brother Mikio (by Kikawada Masachika) was so annoying (character, not actor) - he could have done anything, but he decided that he should be the next yakuza-boss even though he knew it was Makio´s dream -.-
The "Water" joke was funny - in a weird way it is really catchy -.^
But it got two stars because after finishing it, you (at least I) was able to remember only those highlights. (Oke, Koki´s acting was great too xD he was really.. eem.. violant xD). Beside, while watching it, I did not get the addiction. Sorry for not explaning it more!

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