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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet room (2009)

Country: Japan
Genre: friendship, romance, ***
Format: cellphone drama 4 episodes
Cast: 1.ep "Last Love": Narimiya Hiroki, Shiomi Yukari
         2.ep "Birthday" : Mukai Osamu, Hasegawa Emi
         3. ep "Triangle": Kaname Jun, Watanabe Naoko, Kubota Yuusuke
         4. ep "Room service": Toyohara Kosuke, Noriko Iriyama,
Synopsis:  Four stories of four men in a hotel room. In "Last love" Narimiya Hiroki is a young photographer who is photographing his crush, while she announces that she is going to die due to incurable disease. "Birthday" Mukai Osamu creates the most wonderful birthday celebration for his girlfriend. In "Triangle" Kaname Jun is fighting over a girl with his friend, who is also in love with that girl. A few hours later friend dies and tells to make action. "Room service" Toyohara Kosuke plays the part of a servant, who will have a romance with a visitor.
Rating: 1/5
 I liked Narimiya Hiroki´s episode... other were just like they were.  It was Narimiya´s first time filming this kind of bed-scenes. Must say that he totally nailed it! I have never understood how can he make these face expressions. It feels like he is in big pain or agony. Every time I see that face, I feel like I want to hug him so tightly. The end of his episode was just funny. I feel so sorry for him..
"Birthday" was most romantic. All that, how the male character thought and everything he did for her. (It is hard to make a review, if the drama has no names... hope you understand). It really seemed like a real young people love story, like a puppy love ^^.
"Triangle" was most annoying. I do not know why, but I am not a big fan of Kaname Jun. He is a great actor, but something is missing. The story of it was lousy too. "Why don´t you go out with her?" does not have the same meaning as "Why don´t you sleep with her?!".
"Room service" only episode without hard bed-scene. I liked this end the most, it was sweet. otherwise it was nothing special.
Mostly they all contain a lot of nudity and bed-scenes. It is best not to watch with really young children (And it might be uncomfortable for you to watch it with your parents, but I watched clips of "Last Love" with my mother. I´ll tell that even if it is uncomfortable for you, there is nothing new to your parents anyway....). 
All episodes should be about 10 minutes, I guess?

"Last Love" clips were used in (former) Tohoshinki/DBSK/TVXQ or what ever they are called more music video for "Stand by me" (Which is also the theme song of the movie).


  1. I really liked it! And a lot the last cast with the room service! ^^

  2. Like "Birthday" ep :)