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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toilet (2010)

Country: Japan/ USA (+Canada) collaboration
Genre: Drama, family,
Format: movie
Cast: Alex House, David Rendall, Tatiana Maslany, Motai Masako, Sachi Parker
Synopsis: 2 brothers and a sister: Ray is a grown-up man, who loves Gundam toys and lives his life every day the same way; Lisa is a poetry student, who tenders to look up side down on others and Maury is a pianist, who suffers under panic-attacks. After mother´s death they must cope with their own lives and look after their Japanese grandmother, who was brought there some time before mother´s death.
I LOVED IT! It is definitely something different. It shows the ups and downs of their lives in a short period, so it is really down to earth story - most of the things in the movie can happen to all of us.
It was weird how the number 3000 always appeared xD No matter what was, always the bill was for 3000 dollars (It is much money in my country - Ray had to earn much money)
Before watching it, I said to my sister that I do not like movies without soundtracks and so on, but in this movie you will find many spots were is almost silence O.o I was really moved by it, it did not bother me at all!! I even enjoyed it! Since Maury (Played by David Rendall) was a pianist, then you will hear many famous pieces from Liszt, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms. I love music, especially when I see a person playing some instrument or singing. I was really amazed by piano parts.
I did not get the toilet part, because actually in Japan they do not have those ├╝ber-amazing toilets everywhere and many places still have Japanese-styled toilets, but Baachan´s character and her reasons will stay secret.
SPOILER!! There are many great quotes, that I liked:
Maury: "It´s pointless to ask reasons for people´s urges" - it is true, people should to the things the feel like (as long as they are not braking the law). That quote was about him wearing a skirt, but this is the same thing with everybody and everything - If someone wants to wear something or do something, then one does not have to have a reason for that.
Agni: "It is not information, it is knowledge" - intelligent, not smart xD
Ray: "We need to keep mom´s memory in our hearts" - as the movie is pretty much about life and death, then the grief is a big part of it. Sooner or later we all will lose someone important to us and I know that keeping one´s belongings does not bring one back and does not easy the pain, but for some reason we still do it - want to keep one´s memory in material too. Letting go is the hardest part. That leads to another quote:
Ray: "I wanted Baachan to stay by my side" Life is really short when you start to think about it. Every second there is an opportunity not to see the other day or to hear for the last time someone´s voice. Only thing we can do is to continue living. I think that the one´s, who´s gone,  do not want us to be sad. But we still will cry and say "I want to see you again" or "I still have so many things to talk to you", I hope they will forgive us that. *Sorry! carried away by my own feelings* It was adorable, how they grow to like each other (The whole family)
Agni: "If you have not known it for all this time, then you guys must be a real family. Is that not good enough?" -It was when Ray got to know that he was not the real brother of Lisa and Maury. I do not how it should feel to find out something like it, but I think the same way as Agni - It does not matter if you are blood-related family or not, if you have feelings of a family, it is all that counts! I have a BIG family and beside that I have extra-sister and I feel like a happiest person it the world, because these people, who I count as family, helped me in hard times and I know that I can rely on them anytime. Is that not what families do?
Just two really good:
Ray: "I do not wear actually the same clothes everyday. I have seven of those same shirts!"
Funny was that Baachan said only two things "Maury, COOL!" and I discovered that "Cool" means actually so many different things! Baachan was my favorite character. Maury was great too, but it was so sad that he was sick, because he had those attacks only and he knew that he is sick :S
I loved that movie, it is heartwarming and heartbreaking movie. Remember to hold your close ones and do not be afraid to say them how much they mean to you! LOVE YOU ALL! ^^

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