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Friday, June 17, 2011

Kimi ni Love Song wo (2010)

Also known as : Love song for you
Country: Japan + Korean band Supernova
Genre: romance, music
Format: movie
Cast: Supernova (Chosinseong) members: Sungje, Yunhak, Kwangsu, Sungmo, Jihyuk, Geonil; Minamisawa Nao, Erena
Synopsis: Chosinseong is in Japan for a second year. Sungje is having troubles with his Japanese pronunciation, while going on a walk he meets with a Japanese girl Saori, who is a Chosinseong´i fan and promises to teach Japanese to Sungje. But.. Saori is blind and Sungje introduces himself as a Jae.
Rating: 2/5
It would have get at least 4 stars (may be even 5), IF it would have been drama... As its run time was only a hour, everything developed too fast. It still was cute love story and so on, but it would have been something amazing when they would not have rushed with the time. I understand that actually they did not have much time, but it seemed even shorter.
I learned a new word from there too. "Nanpa" - a skirt chaser. XD Yes, movies and dramas can be really educating for language learning.
Even though it was a sad movie... I started to laugh too many times. Like one of the things I started to do was "Ikemen YAY!~" expression ("Ikemen" means "good looking guy"). Sadly I cannot show you how it goes, but it happened every time, when Yunhak (Yoonhak - i do not know the right way to write his name) entered the screen XD For you to know, it was my first time seeing Chosinseong (sad, but true). But I really like their songs - as much as I heard their songs there.
I hated the sister.. she was so annoying. I understand that she was afraid and everything, but really! I understand Saori´s point of view more (especially because of the end).
If you want to know more, why it got low rating, then read the spoiler part below the pics.

SPOILER!!! The dying part was just tooooooo weird... it was fake... and it definitely was because she finally saw how Sungje looked like. If you have a weak heart, then you should not watch ikemen!!! It will definitely cause a heart to stop, especially when you understand that the idol, who you love, was that ikemen!!! and when he has said that he loves you too.. Even thinking about that makes your heart skip a beat! I must say that the dying scene just took a star away.. otherwise it would have gotten 3 stars.

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