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Friday, June 17, 2011

Dareka ga uso wo tsuiteiru (2009)

Country: Japan
Genre: law, drama, family
Format: movie
Cast: Mizutani Yutaka, Tegoshi Yuya, Miyazaki Yoshiko, Tanimura Mitsuki,
Synopsis: Sato Toshiaki (Mizutani Yutaka) is a salesman who misses his usually train. After riding a later train, he is being accused of groping. All case makes a big impact on the family and all of them must find their own truth and way to cope with it.
Rating: 1/5
It is a sad movie of the family, but it might happen to anyone - to be accused of something that they have not done. Law cannot protect everyone. It does not matter if you are telling the truth, when you do not have any evidence to prove it, you are guilty. Even in my country (even though the system has always been horrible) there have been cases where a man has been put into jail and years later the police finds evidence of his guiltless. In this movie the trial was on for so long time (It was about a year, if I remember it correctly) and to think that he had to be in the jail for so long O.o (Oke, he was not there for all this time).
The family side of the story was even sadder than Toshiaki´s one story. Trying to cope with rumors, own life, financial incomes - it must be hard.
But if you want to know why it got only one star, then... it is just a movie you do not want to see again. That makes you think about all the bad people in this world and to see those guys in jail, makes you feel really sick. Also you might disappoint more in court systems.
In addition, I was really annoyed by the girl, who was groped. It is as horrible as all the crimes, but you cannot be shut up when it is happening and then later accuse somebody who you THINK MIGHT have done it.
I must say one more thing: The only highlight in this movie is Tegoshi Yuya, who plays the role of the son. He is the only sunlight in this sad blurry grey movie.

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