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Monday, June 20, 2011

Speed Star (2001)

Country: Japan
Genre: Action, speed, cars
Format: movie
Cast: Takizawa HIdeaki, Ohno Satoshi, Yoshikawa Hinano, Kanno Miho, Kishitani Goro
Synopsis: Sho (Takizawa Hideaki) is a former racer. With his friends Kaoru (Yoshikawa Hinano) and Hiroshi (Ohno Satoshi) he is stealing cars to get money to run away to Mexico. On their last time, they are caught and pulled into dangerous vortex of underground.
It was wanna-be-Hollywoodish, but sucked. Only great point was beautiful cars, but at the same time those racing parts (filmed in side the car) where too fake. And I think we all know what will happen if you turn the wheel on high speed too much... yeah, those parts where scene was put fast-forward and those where wanted to make slow motion were seen-trough. I understand that in 2001 the movie production was not like in 2011, but at the same time: I HAVE SEEN OTHER MOVIES FROM YEAR 2001 TOO!
The story line was not good at all. May be it is just my point of view, who would like to run away to Mexico?? and for those reasons no one will start killing others, like in this movie. This is so old story that the bad-ass, who had past-problems, will be in trouble, when he/she is going to end business -.-  I believe that even in 2001 it was a cliche too! If you do not have a great script, then it is hard to do it into a great movie, does not matter how good actors do you have (Actually if you have a great actors, then it might going to be even worst movie!). those references to Hollywood movies and actors was one of the worst parts of the script ever!
Most of the time I tried to catch scenes with Ohno Satoshi, but when he was killed, I lost all interest in it, so most of the time I was just annoyed. Yoshikawa Hinano was cute too, that was a great thing.
In the end, those good points still did not give enough to get at least 1 star.

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