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Friday, July 1, 2011

Norwegian Wood (2010)

Counrty: Japan
Genre: romance, life&death, psychological, ***
Format: movie
Cast: Matsuyama Ken´ichi, Mizohara Kiko, Kikuchi Rinko, Tamayama Tatsuji, Reika Kirishima
Synopsis: Watanabe Toru (Matsuyama Ken´ichi) remembers back to the life in 1960-s. His close friend Kizuki has commited suicide, because of that Toru and Kizuki´s girlfriend Naoko grow closer, but their relationship suffers due to personal problems. At the same time Toru becomes close to girl called Midori. 
Rating: 1/5
I really really would like to READ the original novel written by Murakami Haruki as I have heard that the movie had turned into something else. So if you will be disappointed in the movie too, then read the original novel. (This book belongs into one of the classics ^^. I actually found out that they are selling english version of the book in my country too and on the cover is movie´s poster - I would even buy it because of Matsuyama!)
But back to the movie... It was tooooooo much about sex. It was made into the most important theme (In book it is not the main point! Only side story!!). So it was pretty annoying. It does not have many action scenes, but mostly they are talking about it. It surely has very perveted views and for me it is a little bit sick...
Naoko´s character remains the character, who you will not understand even after the movie has ended. It looks like she only was thinking and panicking about sex. (Again, I will give cookies to that person who finds a scene with Naoko without sex side...)  Movie does not explain Naoko´s mental issues and there is no word about her past and those are very important themes in the book.
In the end it might look like Toru did not care about Naoko as he called to Midori, actually in book it had been 10 years since happenings with Naoko.
If you ask about the actors, then actors are all fine and their acting is great. But as I have said before, just having a great actors does not make it into a great movie. Hard to belive that it even had a great base-text, but they ruined it sooooooo badly. I think that I can only blame Tran Anh Hung, who is the director of the movie and wrote the screenplay for it. Even though he is a famous and highly-rated director, I have understand that to many viewers his style is not appealing.
I hope to write better review after I have read the book. The movie was a BIG disappointment (I think it is the biggest disappointment in movies I have watched). But it had some nice sceneries...

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