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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby and Me (2008)

Country: South Korea
Genre: family, comedy
Format: movie
Cast: Mason Moon, Jang Geun Suk, Kim Byeol, Ko Gyoo Pil, Choi Jae Hwan,
Synopsis: Joon Soo is a rebellious 18 years old student. One day his parents leave the house saying that they will come back when boy has come to his senses. Joon Soo hoping that he can make a home-party with friends, goes to do shopping. But he does not arrive home with just grocery, but with a baby with a note saying he is the father.
Rating: 4/5
Mason Moon is sooooo cute! He is totally the star of the move. (Sorry, Jang Geun Suk!). I think the girl's, Kim Byeol's family was horrible! To call their children with numbers O.o I understand that they had to many children, but it gives lifetime trauma to children.
Also Joon Soo's parents were weird. They had money enough to go to somewhere more hygienic than that public place, but I guess that was the cheapest. The most normal parent of all was Joon Soo.
There is not much to happen in this movie, but you can clearly see how Joon Soo feelings for the baby change and it seems like with those feelings he himself grows up into an adult too. I think that actually he must not worry about raising child alone, because I know that a lot of girls would take a single dad like him =P
I did not really get Kim Byeol. She was like a weird genius, but she made a perfect tutorial how to act when you meet a hot guy. 1) Stare at him for some minutes 2) when you are able to breath, control his heart beat by touching his chest to make sure he is a human being 3) touch his face to make sure he is not an illusion 4) Take a picture of him with your cellphone so you could always remember his face 5) tell him your phone number
The school was weird too. I understand that in Asia it is seemed as a bad thing when a student has a child, but I think that school should still support them. In my country it is totally allowed and then teachers might do a new special timetable for the student so he/she will be able to graduate from school. 

SPOILER review:
I do not understand how this kind of friend is possible. I think too that it is would have been better to child to grow into family like Joon Soo had, but he really did not think how it will mess up Joon Soo's life.

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