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Sunday, July 24, 2011

19 - Nineteen (2009)

Country: South Korea & Japan collab.
Genre: youth, friendship, law
Format: movie
Cast: TOP, Seung Ri, Huh E Jae, Maeng Bong Hal, Kim Ri Na, Jang So Yeon
Synopsis: Min Seo (Seung Ri) fails on his collage entrance exam. Eun Yeong (Huh E Jae) aims to become an hairstylist and tries to pay her mom's hospital fees. Jeong Hun (TOP) is a freshman, but goes more to work than to university. They all are 19 years old. One day a young high school girl is murdered - she had worked at the same place as Jeong Hun and gone on a date with him; she had been a classmate with Eun Yeong and Min Seo had had a secret crush on her, but those three don't know anything about each other. Three of them become main suspects. They escape from the police and start to look for the truth.
Rating: 4/5
It is one of the Telecinema series. And it is really great movie.
It is sad that they actually do not show that they have lost someone. Beside Jeong Hun, whose crying scene is one of my favorites of all. In crying scenes top it would be number one. It is so sincere and (I might be wrong but) it is high possibility that those were real tears, since it is said that TOP has never faked tears in dramas/movies, he always cries himself. Amazing, ne? I really really like it. He is the only one who really cared. Eun Yeong was her schoolmate, but did not seemed to care at all. I definitely cry when some of my schoolmates or crushes dies, so that was a minus side of movie (That Min Seo and Eun Yeong did not care).
If you are TOP's, Seung Ri's or Big Bang's fan (TOP and Seung Ri are in Korean band Big Bang) then you can hear TOP's rap and Seung Ri singing a love song. Really beautiful, but I like TOP's  rap more (Oke, you can hear 3 songs by him - at the start, in the middle and in the end). He has greaaaaaaaat voice =P
I was neutral about Huh E Jae acting. Nothing amazing but nothing bad. At the same time TOP is ├╝ber-amazing actor. Korean movie analytics have told that if he will take more drama/movie parts then he might become most successful Korean idol, who's acting. Nothing in his acting seems fake and he does not look like usual idol, he has something more realistic in his appearance, which makes the character more reliable. It is funny how they made Seung Ri to play Min Seo part, he suits into that so well. As I had not listen to Big Bang at the time I watched this movie, I did not know how much he acted in it, but now I know that he is nothing like his character xD I actually do not like Min Seo kind characters or people, they
are soo weak and powerless. If you really liked the girl, he should have talked to her.. -.-
I hated the police. It is sooo horrible if police just starts to make you in fault of something, but I know that it happens in real life too, but usually not with so horrible things as murder (I might happen with fine tickets and stuff).
I liked that this movie shows how they try to manage with the escape and with their own lives, even after this horrible happening they try to look the brighter side of the life. Also it shows that you can never trust anybody but yourself.

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