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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (2010)

Also known as: The Perfect girl evolution
Country: Japan
Genre: horror, comedy, romance, surreal
Format: drama 10 episodes
Cast: Oomasa Aya, Kamenashi Kazuya, Tegoshi Yuya, Uchi Hiroki, Miyao Shuntaro, Kato Seishiro, Kanbe Ranko, Osugi Ren, Takashima Reiko, (Guests: David Ito, Hoshino Aki, Nukumizu Youichi, Sato Eriko, Aso Yumi, Okuda Erika, Asami Reina)
Synopsis: Kyohei, Yukinojo, Takenaga and Ranmaru are total ikemen, who live under the same roof. Their landlord Mrs. Nakahara promises to give them free board-and-lodging on one contition - They must turn her niece, Sunako, into a lady. An easy task turns into the hell, when the guys meet Sunako - spooky girl, whose hair cover her face, loves horror movies and dark, and whose best friend is an old skeleton puppet.
Rating: 3/5
This story itself is really surreal, especially some episodes (like with the ghost, magic mushrooms etc). I have seen the anime version of it too, so I understand that they made it based on the manga really well, but in manga there is no Takeru, but I guess they needed a narrator.
I somehow think Sunako went overboard with all of that. I understand that the guy she liked told she was ugly, but if it would have been me, I would have made myself so beautiful to show what he missed. I think that Sunako even had the strenght to do it, but as long as she was happy as she was, it's okey..
Oomasa Aya made a great work. In manga and anime Sunako is mostly chibi (really small child like etc) and as you know in real life it is impossible to do, but you actually get the same feeling from Oomasa Aya acting. In manga and anime Sunako turns into a beautiful women (as she really was) when she is really angry or embarrassed (of love feeling) and if I watched drama version, then I still totally saw the difference.
What I do not understand is how women can go so far for so-called love? I liked when Kyohei explained that if you really do not know what the person is like, do you really love him/her? Just because you like his/her appearance does not make it love. I do understand the feeling of those 4 guys. If you are told almost everyday that you are beautiful, it finally loses its charm.
Talking of love then Takenaga and Noi love-line was cute! I soooo loved Noi! She was the cutest of all and while being cute, she was NOT ANNOYING!! =)

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