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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sotsu Uta: Sotsugyou shashin (2010)

Country: Japan
Genre: life
Format: part of Sotsu Uta series
Cast: Nagasawa Masami, Masuda Takahisa, Hara Fumina, Yasuda Ken, Utagawa Shiiko,
Synopsis: Final story of Sotsu Uta series. The radio caster Hitomi (Nagasawa Masami) always wanted to become a radio caster, but as she got her job by having a love affair with her boss, she is put into variety show on TV. Hoping to find inner peace she returns to her childhood village, but the place which had to remain the same is going trough changes. Only one who has not changed is childhood friend Tsuyoshi (Masuda Takahisa).
Rating: 1/5
Really nice and heart warming movie. It shows changes of life and people, which we must accept even if we do not want. I liked the fact that they talked how big city has changed the people. Actually I am afraid of those changes too, that when I finally move away from this place, I might change.
But I liked the saying that Graduation is not ending, but it is beginnig of something else. So remember it, does not matter what door closes behind you, another one opens before you. As it was the last episode of the series, you can hear the other episode conclusions a bit too, but otherwise episodes are not attached  to each other, so you can watch episodes as different movies too. (Every episode is made after one famous song).
From all of the things I loved Hitomi's and Tsuyoshi's relationship the most. Their friendship was amazing, but you can definitely see how time has left its marks on it: some things unsaid have gathered and feeling of uneasiness grows. Hitomi is only character who is in every episode of the whole Sotsu Uta series. She is a radio-host, who might have earned her position with something else than her talent. Compared to Hitomi then actually Tsuyoshi was much more grown up and he was willing to accept the truth. Like he said several times, they are not children anymore. There will be time when every person must grow up.
I like to believe that Tsuyoshi had actually more feelings for Hitomi than just feelings of friends. That would have explained the reason, why he has still alone etc, but there was no hints about it (oke, you can take some things like Tsuyoshi always supporting Hitomi and so on as those hints). Masuda Takahisa can act those kind of characters very well - a little weak and soft by nature, but with big heart and will to succeed no matter what. At the same time I was not amazed by Nagasawa Masami's acting nor her character. I do not approve the way Hitomi got her job, I do not approve how she was so headstrong.
I liked Nagasawa Masami in "Proposal Daisakusen" and "Last Friends", but here she just was not that great. Especially which I did not like was in the end the use of English "See you tomorrow". I have heard Japanese radio shows, so it was just too plain there. In Japanese it would have suited more, beside this was her last radio show, so why say tomorrow?
There is no action, love lines etc. It is more movie of much talking and thinking, time to time really slow, but at least it has really beautiful scenery's.

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