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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dance Subaru (2009)

 Country: Japan
Genre: Dance, life
Format: movie
Cast: Kuroki Meisa, Hiraoka Yuta, Maeda Ken, Sano Miko, Kakei Toshio, Go Ah Ra, Momoi Kaori, (+ DBSK, TVQX, Tohoshinki - performing in the club)
Synopsis: Twins Subaru (Kuroki Meisa) and Kazuma dream about becoming a professional ballet dancers. After Kazumas death, dance becomes Subaru´s only happiness, even though her father disapproves it.  Subaru starts to perform at one cabaret-bar, but in order to become a professional ballerina she starts hard training and takes part of the international competition.
Rating: 3/5
Dance movie... Ballet... OH GOSH HOW I LIKED IT! I adore ballet and it was a great movie because in some scenes they connected the street dance and ballet and I must admit that that movie made me fall in love with contemporary dance. As a dancer myself, I enjoyed it sooooo much. To dancer, dancing really is something to express your feelings with, if you are angry, happy, sad - there is no expression that dance cannot show. 
At the same time it was really sad movie. I was under a sugar over-doze, when I watched it for the first time, so then it was even sadder, but even now I start to cry when I see it. I think the start was the saddest, how Kazuma died. I have a twin too, so I understand their connection - someone who has lived everything trough with you, just a thought of loosing that person makes me cry... actually I start cry as soon as hear something about losing someone familiar. That´s why I really liked Subaru´s way to move on and give her best. As I have been trough many painful times in my life, I understand that you cannot stop your life - it must go on even when it is hard (It is better to move on, than lose 1 year from your memories)
The friendship side was great too. Every friendship might suffer from jealousy, but you can really see you are your real friends when you are in trouble. That is what made this story sweet, no matter how bitch Mana seemed, she was actually the cutest friend of all, I would not mind having that kind of a friend, because I think, that she did the most to help Subaru. I hated her father... I still hate... because the thing Subaru says in the start, that he cared only about Kazuma, was totally true. Even though it was a painful saying, it was true even years later. I did not get the feeling like her father cared of her, it more seemed to be that to him Subaru was only someone annoying.
 I must say that I love Kuroki Meisa appearance... she is so beautiful, she is an amazing dancer and her athletic frame is amazing. I so wish I would be like her - I think I should watch more into the mirror... -.- Today I look more like Park Bom from 2NE1.
What I did not like in this movie, was that they tried to put a love-line in it. But it must have been a successful love or not put it in at all, because as it was, it was just a fail. I understand all characters, but it just did not convince me. Mistaking with love-lines are really big mistakes in my opinion. I know it is hard to make the perfect love scene for script-writers and actors, but it is something that makes a big impact on the movie. I understand that it is a dance movie, but as I said - that kind of mistake is too annoying. In addition, it does not matter how I complimanted Kuroki Meisa, bit the truth is, that no matter what the scene was about, she always had the same expression on her face, which is baaaad.. feeling of no emotions...

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