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Monday, July 11, 2011

JOKER ~Yurusarezaru sousakan~ (2010)

Country: Japan
Genre: law, police, justice
Format: drama 10 episodes + special
Cast: Sakai Masato, Ryo, Nishikido Ryo, (Watanabe) Anne, Osugi Ren, Kaga Takeshi, Hirayama Hiroyuki, (as a quest cast Oshinari Shugo)
Synopsis: Date Kazuyoshi (Sakai Masato) is a police detective. He is known as "Saint" as he has not arrested a criminal for years and because of his quiet, peaceful nature. But at night he is going to punish criminals who have gotten away by law, but there is a time, when even Date misses the weak point. At the same time he has to watch over Miyagi Asuka (Anne), a young detective, who wants to know the truth about his brother's, Date's old pair-man, death and Date's ex-girlfriend and used-to-be detective Katagiri Saeko (Ryo), who starts investigating "Mysterious disappearances".
Rating: 2/5
Okey.. I start from the start. The extra name "Yurusarezaru sousokan" ("Unforgivable police detectives") is lame and tooo long to say, just JOKER would have been better or something else with JOKER.
 What was totally funny, was that Date reminded me Sailor Moon (but he did not make the transform like she did xD). Every time he was going to bust criminal, he said "There is no tomorrow for you!" and shot, Sailor Moon said : "By the power of Moon. I will punish you" and made something to the bad guy.  In addition, he sometimes imitated Lt. Horatio Caine from "CIA Miami" (played by David Caruso) with his head and look. In one episode the criminal even said that Date tries to act cool xD
But I must say that actually the drama is predictable - all the first LIVING guests are criminals, even though they try to confuse people (but it does not work). The drama more makes you confused about the law, even though I know that it all is corrupted, the drama was too negative about it. I try to think like Miyagi Asuka, who believed that you can punish people by law.. but at the same time there are many cases where criminal gets out of the jail and kills again. On the other hand, for some of the criminals I found that in the JOKER system the punishment was too much. This drama makes you think about justice. In this drama, most of the criminals seemed lunatic to me.
What really made me think, was that there was no security cameras, when Date worked at night! I understand that some placed it was usual that they are missing, but places like art gallery???  just too weird.
 About characters and actors... I already told you about Date, he was so cute by his nature, but Sakai Masato was great too. And there was a person about who I have not told a word: Nishikido Ryo who played the part of Kudo Kenji. He was just sooooo great. I enjoyed it very much. Kudo's character was well explained and Nishikido Ryo played it all out. I actually wanted that Kudo would have gotten his long waited kiss, but I was not much disappointed  when it did not happen as it still was a police-drama and he actually made a progress with his feelings. Kudo's character was like a piece of sunshine in a black and white drama. Beside, at many times it seemed like Kudo was the smartest of them all!!!! there was a footprint place and even I was able to say that those were different people!!! -.- But I liked  that he was not afraid of anything in it.
annoying characters...Katagiri Saeko, Asuka and Master.. Katagiri Saeko was just stupid and annoying, she really had a big mouth and did not know when to shut up. It was sad that she and Date still loved each other, but sometimes I felt like she loved Miyagi Natsuki more. But actress Ryo looked so beautiful and young (There are times when she looks old like in "Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari: law of recycling suicides"). Asuka was just naive, she actually was not that annoying and I liked that her feelings for Kudo were nice. She more was natural character, for who you cannot really say anything annoying or great. Master... it was all because of the end.
 There were many cases, where I did not understand the reasons and some proofs were bad. I liked the ending theme "SCAR" by RIP SLYME. I usually to not listen to that kind of music, but it is really addicting song and now there is even a JOKER-episode-ending-dance and you are lucky that you cannot ever see it!

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