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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My little black dress (2011)

Country: South Korea
Genre: friendship, women talk, life
Format: movie
Cast: Park Han Byul, Cha Ye Ryun, Yoo In Na, Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Yong Woo, Dong Ho (U-Kiss), Jeon Su Keong
Synopsis: Yoo Min, Hye Yi, Soo Jin and Min Hee met in university. Now after the university has ended they must face the truth of hard work and life. Yoo Min still does not know want she wants from life, she manages to become a TV writer's assistant, but she more is a babysitter. At the same time she is having relationship troubles. Hye Ji has had the easiest life of all and has never worked hard. Over night she becomes a famous idol. Soo Jin who has gone to more auditions than she can count, but has always failed, is jealous over Hye Ji. Min Hee has a wish to go studying in States, but struggles with poor language skills. Yoo Min, Soo Jin and Min Hee must also face big money troubles.
Rating: 3/5
Total girl-power movie. I think that it will be too boring to male viewers. Beside all the characters are with a little higher financial position, which makes it more boring. It is really hard to find resemblance with your own life. It is more like story of rich and beautiful, but a great story. Actually there is no special storyline, it starts with the end of the university and ends almost with out ending, because everything goes on after it. But as a women.. I liked the story. It actually showed many sides of woman's life - the parts, which most of the men won't understand. Further more, it showed everyone as a main character (oke, Yoo Min fulfilled the narrator's part too).
All the characters are different. I liked Min Hee the most, she was so cute and sincere. I did not liked Soo Jin very much, she was a little bit too bitchy, but at the same time I understand that she was very depressed. Their friendship was amazing. To drive to other city just to comfort a friend is really incredible. I think the friendship theme was the best storyline in this movie. This movie also shows that you can find friends from most uncomfortable and weirdest situations.
I liked the talk between Yoo Min and Young Mi about being your own life's side character. More than that sometimes it even feels like other are characters of a drama and you are only a viewer. Also great sentences, which are true, are:
"People with a dream or people without a thought.. I do not know why they are both so depressed"
"They say that the age of man's mind halts exactly at 17"
"Women do not like to be  called princesses, but they like to be treated as princesses"
"If a part time job is dating, then regular job is marriage"

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